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1950s Tina Lesser Strapless Indian Cotton Dress

Rare, Risqué and Rocking. Tina Lesser was known in her day for bringing back fabrics from her exotic journeys for her designs. Here she has used an Indian cotton, one of her favorite places to visit. Not only inspired by the fabric but also from the traditional dress of the sari. Here she has interpreted the sari into a cute classic 1950s strapless silhouette with a full almost circle skirt. The Indian reference is seen in the peekaboo midriff and attached shawl. The shawl is the most fun part. It can be worn over the shoulder as shown for added warmth or like a sari draped over you arm. The bodice is boned and well constructed keeping it in place even though it is strapless. The attached scarf is adorned with two adorable tassels for added interest and movement.

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