is not a trend... it's a Lifestyle

Sustainable fashion, responsible production

Sustainability in fashion is here to stay! Working with vintage materials since their beginning, Morphew has been an advocate of ethical design in today's fashion practices. We preserve even the smallest cuttings of antique textiles to use for both Morphew Collection and Atelier...nothing goes to waste! Sustainability is not a trend for us at Morphew, it is a lifestyle and life code.The Earth is all we have.

Zero waste policy

MORPHEW makes it a priority to repurpose all materials to minimize waste while giving heirloom textiles a new life. Since our very first one-of-a kind gown made from repurposed antique lace & silk, it's been our passion to revive vintage couture fabrics. We've always used materials which already exist on this planet, eliminating waste and pollution.


Responsible Practices

At MORPHEW, we follow responsible production processes. We design and produce most of our collections in the USA and any international vendor we work with is vetted for their green practice compliance. We work with small artisnal communities to try and create job oppurtunites, including even the creation of our shopping totes which we have made by the local Noidan women who utilize fabric workroom scraps headed for the landfill.

Design Atelier

All Atelier pieces are haute couture, made entirely by hand of rare antique materials in either our New York or Florida design studios. We work with local artisans and seamstresses from all different backgrounds and experience levels to keep these old world technaiues alive and thriving.