Welcome to MORPHEW

We are an inspirational lifestyle brand
collecting the rarest pieces of fashion’s
past from around the globe, all sourced
with an eye towards modern trends.


Handmade in NYC

MORPHEW COLLECTION is made entirely by hand in our NYC Ateliér of rare antique materials sourced from around the globe. Our sustainable vintage materials represent over a century of design, many of the rich textiles we use are no longer manufactured. Each piece preserves the hours of hand work and lost artisanal techniques into a contemporary design and fit.


Finest pieces of fashion’s past

MORPHEW VINTAGE represents the finest pieces of fashions past. Sourced from across the globe, dating as far back as a century. Each piece is selected with both quality and rarity in mind. Often referred to as investment vintage, Morphew assures that from rare Victorian laces to the most coveted designer collections, each piece has stood the test of time, representing an important and valuable moment of fashion history.


Trusted by tastemakers since 2004

It all started with Paradox Design Consulting. Since 2004, Paradox has been a coveted source for one-of-a-kind fashion pieces, defining the collections of top fashion houses. Servicing the world’s most celebrated designers, today Paradox is the leading resource for vintage prints, embellishments and shapes concepts.


Bridgette & Jason

Bridgette’s unique vintage archive sparked interest among trendsetters like rock stars, actors and artists & serves a fashion-loving retail clientele. Jason brings his unique understanding of quality, artistry and the history of fashion to Morphew. The brand proudly bears the imprint of his creative vision, morphing their collective expertise into wearable, relevant and aspirational garments. The result is a collection of unique, trend-forward designs with strong historical contexts.


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