“It’s not only the name, but our European look. We’re a cross between Italian style and North American upbringing.” -Salvatore Parasuco

Salvatore Parasuco, a son of Italian immigrants, at the age of 19 he started his youth centered denim line in 1975 called Santana Jeans based in Montreal, Canada. He changed the name to Parasuco to give the brand more of a heritage and pay homage to his hardworking parents that moved to Canada in the 1950’s in hopes of providing him and his brother with a better future.

Parasuco is credited with being one of the first brands to ever sell pre-washed jeans in Canada. His style could be compared to Diesel or Buffalo by David Bitton but the line has its own uniquely Italian edge. Parasuco has become a favorite of many in Canada and has been worn by celebrities like Jessica Alba and Zac Efron.

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