Metal Mesh

Morphew uses vintage metal mesh exclusively in our atelier because the material is superior to what is made today. The vintage mesh is solid brass, often with a real gold plate. This means a sturdier product with a more sensual drape which is not prone to breaking and falling apart while you wear it, like the new mesh which is out there. Each piece takes hundreds of hours of meticulous work linking the chain links, all by hand. This allows us to create designs which sculpt to the body and don’t just drape loose like many imitators who are out there. Combined with vintage materials each Morphew Atelier metal mesh piece is a truly unique and sustainable creation.

Morphew Collection

Dark Grey Metal Mesh & Chain Dress

Product Description MORPHEW COLLECTION is made entirely by hand in our NYC Ateliér of rare antique materials sourced from around the globe. Our sustainable...
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$ 1,988.00

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