Martine Sitbon

Martine Sitbon

Fashion consultant and freelance designer Martine Sitbon had a clear vision when she embarked on her first self-named line that debuted in Paris in 1984. Previously, Sitbon was hired to breathe life into the brand Chloe after the era of Karl Lagerfeld. Once she was no longer working for Chloe, Sitbon focused on her own designs and began taking a new direction away from the feminine ruffles and floral designs she had produced while at Chloe. She was heavily influenced by rock and roll style in her early years, designing pieces with biker styled embellishments, glam rock sequins and cropped leather jackets with golden studs. Her work in the 1990’s focused more on a stripped down aesthetic but still kept her trademark edge. She used low slung bell bottoms in a simple slate grey tone paired with soft leather jackets with embellished circles and stripes. Her use of visible thong underwear straps on her pants were highly influential in the late 1990’s. Sitbon’s rough glamor proves a lasting and popular style among her vintage pieces that blend seamlessly into 21st century closets.

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