Kansai Yamamoto

Kansai Yamamoto

"My clothes are no good for someone who loves chicness." -Kansai Yamamoto

Known for his contemporary take on traditional Japanese clothing, Kansai Yamamoto has the unique ability to take the historically theatrical elements of Japanese Kabuki stylings and translate them into ready to wear garments. Yamamoto studied Civil Engineering and English while in college but pursued design soon after graduating in 1967. He worked for Hisashi Hosono in 1968 and started his own line 1971. He started showing his designs only a few years later and his joyous, circus-like aesthetic captured the fashion sensibilities of the disco age. Yamamoto prides himself on his playfulness and light in his work and hopes the designs he creates will bring happiness to their wearers and all who notice them in life.

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1980S KANSAI YAMAMOTO Pink & Purple Wool Knit Oversized Striped Sweater Cardigan

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