Giorgio Sant'Angelo

Giorgio Sant'Angelo

"To me, soul means freedom and inner confidence. I express it in happy, bright colors, and in simplicity of design." -Giorgio Sant’angelo

Giorgio Sant’angelo was a futuristic force of the 1960’s. Like his contemporaries Pierre Cardin and Rudi Gernreich, Sant’angelo favored modern design with a youthquake mood. Sant’angelo was a classically trained artist that lived and studied in Florence. He was an apprentice to the master of modern art, Pablo Picasso who encouraged him to follow his passion.

After making the move to New York, he began his career in fashion as a jewelry designer. He fell in love with the newly developing plastics of the decade. He created vibrant lucite bangles and geometric earrings, using his cubist sensibility in many of his designs. His work was praised by Vogue editor, Diana Vreeland, and he moved full force into the world of fashion. His designs could be considered pieces of wearable art rather than apparel. It was clear from the start that Sant’angelo would not hold back when it came to creative expression in his designs. He was greatly inspired by the hippie street fashions of the 1970’s and created innovative looks using new fabrics like Lycra. Sant’angelo is credited with inspiring many of today’s top designers like Marc Jacobs and David Meister.

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