Fontana Couture

Fontana Couture

The Fontana design house produced gowns of all varieties with opulence being the first ingredient. Italian sisters Zoë, Micol, and Giovanna Fontana started creating movie costumes in 1936. In order to save on travel costs the trio focused on films shot in Italy by both American and Italian producers.

In the 1950’s they gravitated towards the small waist and full skirted “New Look” silhouette popularized by Christian Dior and piled on crystals and voluminous tulle skirts in many of their most popular designs.In this height of their popularity, Fontana Couture had many celebrity clients including Audrey Hepburn, Linda Christian and Ava Gardner. Fontana’s work was worn by Gardner in many of her most famous roles throughout the 1950’s including The Barefoot Contessa and The Sun Also Rises. It was Gardner’s popularity in the US that brought them international success. Fontana Couture soon moved to the USA to and created these decadent dresses throughout the brand’s lifetime into the 1970’s. Refusing to assimilate to the changing silhouettes of the late 1960’s, Fontana Couture will always remain a prominent figure in 1950’s style.

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