Emmanuelle Khanh

Emmanuelle Khanh

Fashion rebel of the 1960’s, Emmanuelle Khanh, designed for rock and roll youth culture with a unique French twist. Often called the Mary Quant of France, Khanh was known started off as a model that became well known for her off the runway style. In her experience walking for Balenciaga and Givenchy she rebelled against the lofty world of haute couture and began selling her own streetwise designs that fit and flattered real women. Khanh collaborated with another former model, Christine Bailey, to form their debut collection Emmachristie in 1962. Khanh departed from Balenciaga’s sack style and cut dresses to form fit the body. Darting and seams added structure to the front of her dresses with draped backs to add a sense of sex appeal. Even her suits were on the rebellious side; she favored culottes to traditional skirts and slacks and added statement dog ear collars to her blouses.

Khanh stayed a staple in youth fashion through the 1970’s. She embraced the psychedelic and ethnic print trends, creating more free flowing garments perfect for chic hippies of the day. She continued to freelance throughout the 1980’s and her vibrant vintage designs have greatly influenced the many iterations of youthquake style on current runways.

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