Claude Montana

Claude Montana

"You can't really be a designer without doing couture." Claude Montana

Claude Montana’s powerful shoulder padded silhouettes helped to define the 1980’s, influencing designers such as Alexander McQueen and Ricardo Tisci with his structural style and use of leather in his designs. Montana’s early years were spent in London where he created some of his first pieces of jewelry using paper-mache and large gemstones. His jewelry designs were featured in Vogue during the 1960’s and sold on the streets of London. His first foray into the world of apparel began in 1979 and his aggressive designs and bright colors became a favorite for working women. The House of Montana continued its reign in the 1980’s until 1990 when Montana became head designer for Lanvin. In 1997 the design house went bankrupt, but his influence on the world of vintage fashion will not soon be forgotten.

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