“I must be surrounded by beauty.”- Carmen de Tomasso

Carmen de Tomasso began her career as an interior designer in France. Inspired by the lavish furnishings of Louis XVI she took her love for luxury into the world of fashion in 1945 when she opened her first womenswear shop in Paris. She loved traveling with her husband and credits experiencing other cultures, India, China, South America and Africa, for influencing the various details and prints used in her collections. Her jet setting lifestyle allowed her to design the uniforms for Air France, Air India and others when air travel was still a glamorous experience in the late 1950’s. Carven was a line with international appeal, with particular popularity in Asia, selling sportswear and dresses for women, juniors, and children at the brand’s height in the 1960’s.

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1950S CARVEN Amber Haute Couture Silk Taffeta Handwoven Floral Ikat Cocktail Dress Covered In Beaded Fringe

Product Description MORPHEW VINTAGE represents the finest pieces of fashions past. Sourced from across the globe, dating as far back as a century. Each...
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Cocktail Dress
$ 2,788.00

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