Bob Bugnand

Bob Bugnand

Bob Bugnand, born Antoine Bugnand, began his career designing for Jacques Heim and Robert Piquet. He opened his own couturier in Paris in the 1950’s and later opened a shop in New York where he was popular among society women who wanted made to measure dresses and suits. His shop was able to produce 50 original designs each month for private clients making him popular among those who desired French fashions without a transatlantic trip. His smartly tailored suits were worn by the likes of Jacqueline Kennedy. His innovative reversible jackets and intricately beaded dresses combined with his expert knowledge of construction made the wearer the focal point with the dress coming second.



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1950S BOB BUGNAND Black Silk Chiffon Draped Bodice & Swing Skirt Cocktail Dress With Cape Train

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Cocktail Dress
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