MORPHEW ATELIER is made entirely by hand of rare antique materials sourced from around the globe. Our sustainable vintage materials represent over a century of design, many of the rich textiles we use are no longer manufactured. From antique laces prized by the upper echelons of Belle Epoch society, painstakingly cleaned and preserved. To rare and valuable silk lamés, hand-woven in France a century ago. Hand-painted kimono silks, antique quilts and even up-cycled beer tabs and old metal mesh purses all find their way into our atelier. Each piece we make preserves these hours of hand work and lost artisanal heirloom techniques into a contemporary design fit for today's modern lifestyle.

Morphew Atelier

Black Bias Cut Silk Crepe Hand-Embroidered Piano Shawl Gown With Fringe

Product Description This gown is one of a kind and is made from an antique piano shawl. Because the textile is over 100 years...
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$ 1,488.00

Morphew Atelier

Cream & Antique Gold Silk Cotton Lace Vintage Chain Gown With Chinese Embroidered Fringe

Product Description This gown came about upon our discovery of a caché of Edwardian brass chain. it is so incredibly rare to find this...
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$ 2,788.00

Morphew Atelier

Cream & Black Bias Cut Silk Fully Hand Embroidered Gown With Victorian Chantilly Lace Velvet Ribbon Trim

Product Description This gown is draped on the bias and spirals around the body with no side seams. Instead ingenious darts in the antique...
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$ 4,788.00

Morphew Atelier

Cream Silk Crepe Draped Sleeve Piano Shawl Gown Covered In Floral Embroidery With Fringe

Product Description Each Piano Shawl gown is individually draped and thus no two are exactly alike and very minor flaws may exist in the...
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$ 1,788.00

Morphew Atelier

Green & Yellow Tissue Silk Scarf Dress With Crystal Straps

Product Description This dress is made from vintage scarves from the 1950s and straps made using real Peridot & Citrine crystals Vintage materials all...
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$ 588.00

Morphew Atelier

Black Victorian Silk Chantilly Lace & ‘40S Rayon Cocktail Dress

Product Description One-of-a-kind pieces, handmade by MORPHEW ATELIÉR with sustainably sourced, luxury materials. Material: Silk Chantilly Lace. Vintage condition: Excellent. Measurements Bust: 31 in....
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$ 1,788.00

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