Andre Courreges

Andre Courreges

“Today’s women are archaic in appearance. I want to help them coincide with their time.” Andre Courreges Andre Courreges is best known for his space-age mod vintage style. He began his career as a fashion designer in France in the early 1950’s and was soon picked up by renowned fashion house, Balenciaga, where he further delved into the futuristic styles that would late define the early 1960’s. In 1961 he debuted his own line that included strappy bikinis, white PVC go go boots, goggle-like sunglasses and short skirts in bright colors. Courreges rivals fashion designer Mary Quant for the first to debut the mini skirt but his futuristic style was without a doubt the definition of mod. His designs helped style icons like Twiggy and Peggy Moffit.

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1960S ANDRE COURREGES White & Orange Bag

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