Albert Nipon

Albert Nipon

Albert Nipon’s timeless vintage designs have made him a true American classic. This Philadelphia born designer studied at Temple University and started out as an accountant before launching his first collection of maternity wear in 1954. The brand, then called Ma Mere, took off and grew to several stores in the Philadelphia area. With the help of his wife, Pearl, Nipon’s self-named label began in 1972 featuring expertly tailored suits and separates. Albert Nipon credited his wife for much of his design inspiration, praising her effortless, chic, career driven style."She has a feel for what young career women would like their clothes to be. Smart, fluid, comfortable, in wonderful fit and the nice detailing that looks like the dress was made to order in Europe." Nipon said of his wife in a 1973 interview. Albert Nipon’s designs have graced many a vintage fashion icon, from Mary Tyler Moore to Barbara Walters, his colorful, feminine suits and dresses commanded attention as much as the wearer herself.


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1980S ALBERT NIPON Black Beaded Rayon & Silk Lace Sequined Strapless Cocktail Dress With Taffeta Waist Bow

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Cocktail Dress
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