Morphew Genesis NFT Collection

At this year’s much anticipated return of Art Week Miami, MORPHEW will launch MORPHEW Genesis NFT Collection.

As interest in NFTs continue to rise, particularly within the Art world, MORPHEW’s Genesis NFT Collection will be well ahead of the curve by including both a physical and digital component to their fashion meets art meets tech offering.

“What we are offering is truly ground-breaking,” states Jason Lyon, Fashion Designer, and co-owner MORPHEW.

“We are pairing the physical (garment) with its digital version allowing for exhibition and preservation of these historic pieces, in the same way that art is collected and exhibited.”

Known for their one-of-a-kind rarities from the high-end fashion and couture worlds, MORPHEW Genesis NFT Collection will offer physical and digital representations of pieces worn by Shakira, Grimes, Doja Cat, Selena Gomez, and Madonna, including the MORPHEW VINTAGE® she wore for the November 2021 issue of Rolling Stone, in addition to archival pieces from Norma Kamali and Jean Charles De Castelbajac.

"We (with MORPHEW) are adding a layer of tech to fashion by turning each piece in Morphew’s Genesis NFT Collection into digi-physical NFTs,” states Tony Casoria, NFT Curator and Consultant (working with MORPHEW on the launch of Genesis NFT Collection). “The physical piece will have a chip sewn into the garment that will function as a certificate of authenticity, stored securely on the blockchain. The NFT will also function as the garment's digital identity and come with a photorealistic 3D rendering that can be displayed digitally in a frame as one would do with any other piece of fine art, while the physical piece is protected and preserved."

NFT’s have quickly become part of consumer behavior overall and with the MORPHEW Genesis NFT Collection offering they (consumers) can not only buy the physical and digital items in the fashion space, but to also have unique and ‘1 of 1’ certificates of ownership which adds a level of exclusivity that has always worked well for collectors.

"As industry leaders, NFTs allow us to combat fraud in fashion with a certificate of authenticity on the blockchain," states Bridgette Morphew, Founder, MORPHEW.

The garments in MORPHEW Genesis NFT Collection will be auctioned on the Rarible platform commencing on Tuesday, November 30 at 7PM/EST at MORPHEW Miami located at the Faena Bazaar. The winning bidder will own the physical garment, along with the NFT digitally preserved asset.

Morphew Vintage


Product Description Nearly a decade ago luminary stylist & artist Lysa Cooper entrusted this sensational piece to us. She saw in Morphew a worthy...
1980s All Outerwear MEN'S Morphew Genesis NFT Collection New Arrivals Outerwearc Shop All Showroom Store Vintage VINTAGE OUTERWEAR
$ 99,999.00

Morphew Atelier

Selena Gomez & Doja Cat Worn Metal Mesh Racing Dress

Product Description A Morphew Collection one-of-a-kind original. This dress is made from a recycled vintage T-shirt from the '90s and several vintage Whiting &...
ATELIÉR Extra Small Sizes Gowns Metal Mesh Morphew Genesis NFT Collection New Arrivals Shop All Showroom Store
$ 99,999.00

Pink & Orange Lurex Chiffon In 1970'S Gown With Gold Metal Mesh

This gown began it's life as a cocktail dress from the 1970s, and several old Whiting & Davis purses. Morphew’s atelier painstakingly took both...
Morphew Genesis NFT Collection Shop All Store SVAPNA January 2024
$ 99,999.00

Morphew Vintage

1960S Black & White Madonna Worn Op-Art Mini Tunic Dress

Product Description This classic little mod dress from the late 1960s was given some heavy hitting star power when worn by Madonna for the...
1960s Dresses Extra Large Sizes Morphew Genesis NFT Collection New Arrivals Shop All Showroom Store Vintage VINTAGE DRESSES
$ 99,999.00

Morphew Vintage

1980S NORMA KAMALI White Sheer Nylon Iconic Parachute Fishtail Gown With Adjustable Train

Product Description This iconic and famous gown is by CFDA lifetime achievement award winner Norma Kamali. She famously made a collection out of recycled...
1980s Dresses GOWNS STYLE MINIMAL STYLE Minimalc Morphew Genesis NFT Collection New Arrivals Norma Kamali Shop All Showroom Small Sizes Store Vintage VINTAGE DRESSES VINTAGE EVENING WEAR
$ 99,999.00

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